Protecting your precious paint jobs is important. Even with just a moderate amount of handling, paint rubs off the edges easily. Thus, varnishing is essential. It's surprising that it took Games Workshop so long to come up with a successor for their Purity Seal spray varnish.  Munitorum Varnish is supposed to have "a semi-matt or satin finish that is very much like the natural sheen of the paint itself" - let's see whether it lives up to its promise.

Hello everyone, it's been an age since I've posted here. I hope everyone has had a good start to the year as we move forward into 2018. With that I'm also starting a new Nighthaunt army for the new Malign Portent campaign as well as a doubles tournament coming up at my local Games Workshop store. The first unit I'd like to share are these three spirit hosts.

I'm currently reworking a Vindicator, but inbetween I'm preparing my next Tactical Squad. Like my other Ultramarines projects, there'll be a mix of old and new models. The old models, painted about six or seven years ago, will be retouched to match the painting level, while new parts and models will add a modern touch to the squad. You can see I added Marines in MkIV and MkV armour, I also exchanged a model from my other Tactical Squad (the one on the left) for a more even allocation of MkVII and older armour marks. What do you think?

Hi there, Rich here to share a few pictures of my growing Ultramarines force. As you can see it is a "second edition inspired" army. It is actually a collection of figures from late Rogue Trader through to early 3rd edition with a couple of exceptions. I collect old White Dwarfs from that era and was inspired to paint my own (not least by Garfy’s 2nd edition marines too).

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