... and another batch of WIP minis! I'm aware that these look pretty finished, but there's so much detail on the guys which still requires some more attention. You know what GW models are like. But I'm rather positive that the guys will be finished soon, so stay tuned!

The Lord Relictor is one of the most complicated models I've painted in a long time! With so many flowing layered parts to the sculpt I had to leave the entire thing as individual pieces and paint everything separately. Gluing completed pieces together into sub-assemblies was satisfying and it was so rewarding finally gluing all those sub-assemblies together to complete the model.  More angles after the jump. 

A new edition of Age of Sigmar has been announced at Warhammer Fest a week ago! Hurrah! Now is the time to the finish painting the first edition. I've been procrastinating about how to paint this Dracoth for a while now. In the end I've gone for a muted base colour with purple scales and a dull yellow underbelly. I think this desaturated scheme is needed for the Dracoth considering how brightly I paint my Stormcast in their Primal Kings colour scheme. The Dracoth is only temporarily glued (lightly) to a 50mm base. It's just so my Get-a-Grip (available for sale here) can hold it. 

This Stormtalon was originally painted in 2014, before the Stormhawk Interceptor was released. I wasn't happy with the front-heavy design, so I streamlined its Silhouette a little bit. Nowadays I probably would have just bought a Stormhawk. Despite its rather recent paint job, I still changed a few things like replacing the hand-painted weathering with more refined sponge weathering and upgrading the rather boring original base. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

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